Spring 2015

Agenda: – meeting two
Instructor Introductions,
  • Comments Photos, wiki membership
  • discuss the syllabus
      • Scheduling field trips, Saturday retreat
      • Portfolio
      • Assigned papers

  • Discuss reading Assignment one: Stephen King “What Writing Is” pp103-137
  • Assignment: Stephan King “On Writing” pp 141-249
  • Descriptive writing exercise:

Agenda Day one: Legacy of the Storyteller
Instructor intro, notes on writing
  • Wiki – invites
  • Syllabus – Wiki home page - discuss Thursday
  • Photos by Thursday
  • Assignment – Stephen King “What Writing Is” pp103-137:
  • Introductions exercise: Dyads meet, then when the group reassembles, introduce one another to the class at large. Topics
    • the usual (origin, major, hs. Interests
    • Why this seminar