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Susan Glaspell - "Jury of Her Peers"

#355 Giant Pool of Money part one.mp3
This American Life #355 - "Giant Pool of Money I"

This American Life #362 - "I've Got You Pegged"

1943 Shingles for the Lord.mp3
William Faulkner - "Shingles for the Lord"

1934 Lo!.mp3
William Faulkner - "Lo"

Crosswinds 1 .mp3
NPR Playhouse - radio theater production -'Crosswinds' program 1

eminem - mushrooms.mp3
Eminem - "My Fault"

Diana Nyad "Fidrych" Diana Nyad - Fidrych.mp3
"Gambler's Empathy" Diana Nyad - gambler's empathy.mp3

Garrison Keilor - News From Lake Wobegon.mp3
Garrison Keilor - News From Lake Wobegon - "Follow the Stone"